Friday, 29 January 2016

Diary Log

Title Sequence Diary Log

1st log


We were suppose to start filming our Illuminati piece but Danny didn’t not get the candles. He said he would yesterday since he had work. He didn’t. … He then said he would get it during break still didn’t… So today we don’t have any filming to do. He says we will do it Monday im not sure I may be busy but mostly if we do it I don’t mind . we start  schedule and decide to shoot Monday. We then start reminiscing (talking about what we have talk about before) Danny then says we should go to London for our government scene which I thing is a good idea and one of them mentions to do it during our half term break. I then bring up the auditions that we will do. We decide it will be the 8th of February. Tyrell then holds me at gun point(with a toy gun) going james bond. We then go back to the half term thing and tyrell says it should just be on the weekend. I then think I should make a valid paper that shows what the auditions will need.
We were able to assemble who we would want in our title sequence with a cast of potential people.
Rebels – Our friends Harry, Supriya, Tyler, Josh,Leoni, Kati, Molly, myself
Evagilist- get preist from church
Scavenger- Dominic?, myself, Sharda?, GUnshap?, supriya
Government- Danny, Tio, Georgia, libby, james, Frankie, Tyrell, Aflie E, AAflie, Sammy, Amy, Jasmine, James yr12, David, Ben
And get conedl.

The Genre of our film is Action/thriller sub genre dystopian but Our boss Sinead says shes not sure how it’s a thriller and I agree with her so we have to still iron out the plan a bit more. 

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