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Title Sequences Analysis

You need to remember N.I.C.S how do u define genere
N- Narrative story line, make it concrete
I-  Iconography what key figures give u that it’s the
C- Characters whos in it, know the cast 
S- Settings  Where it takes place


the title sequence gives key iconography establishes the genre with clear imagery. It tells the viewer that the film is about spys by seeing a noticeable feature in the top corner which resembles the 007 films which is a franchise with a large fan base. Now spy is a sub genre but immediately they establish spy with action to deem the film a action film. It also shows generic iconography with the point of view of a bullet in the barrel. 


The films title sequence looks like a green like an alien but veins. The visual elements in it are consistent but it is not generic like Dr,No. It is a sc-fi film about genetic modification. the films makes me think nature with green.

The back up plan

It seems like a chick flick but a comedy with the flasher which seems like a hyrbid as you see a couple together. It also has a group of tvs showing babies which make it seem like it has a baby element. The animation style and typography is very feminine which suggest again it is a chick flick.

A series of Unfortunate Events

The film suggests to be a family Gothic film with children as the protagonist as you see a focus of children in one of the pictures. It seems Gothic due to the plague of black on each picture. It appears to be strange and away from normal day life. It also is in animation suggest again it is for children. 

This means War

The film suggest that it is spy once again with the 007 theme of naked woman, It also has explosions which show it is Action with a sub genre of spy.  

CLASS ANALYSIS__________________________________________________________________

Missions Impossible 4

It has generic spy music and the title sequence shows a fusing moving forward and the title sequences shows Tom cruises names several times and most know he is a action start. They then show generic iconography with the bullet in the barrel while playing fast place jazz and the film, then shows point of views at unconventional times. It also shows the parts of the film. The setting shows the opening screen then the title sequence like in most spy films and they seem to be under ground sneaking into it. They then move to museums to elevator shafts to stair cases and underwater showing the different settings used in the film moving rockets to bullets showing sky scrapers and everything is viewed in the point of data and they show car chases and bad guys. they also show pictures and documents being burnt like burning of evidence. 

Naploeon Dynomite

The film has a weird sound track with upbeat music and a instrument layering it. It then shows the people of the film in unconventional ways while showing things that were iconic to the 70s. They show us a person prepping for school. The setting shows them being in school which makes it seems like the film is a school comedy. It has a interesting way on bring out the title sequences. The grounds in the things are placed seems to be different like the food choices of seating eating and doing in school are different . It seems to be in america the way things look.

Children of men

The film seems to be showing apostolic views of showing the news and different ways people view the world and it all seems to be in first person as if different people experiencing it it shows how the world has seemed to go mad with debris everywhere but no one acting different with it dystopia. the film uses different montages of the film to show the title sequences. The sound track seems nostalgic. It authority figures in different places trying to uphold order. It shows a lot of time on a baby showing the film has something to do with the baby.


The film seems to show a farm and the colors are only in red and black. It has an old feeling to it with the old soul music. It also shows chains which makes the audience think the film is western with the generic cowboy but with the sub genre of slavery. The film then shows old style guns, horses and cactus which suggest it is about the old west.the iconography and music is good

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