Thursday, 21 January 2016

Information on task


Create the opening titles of a new fiction film to last no more than 2 minutes. (NB You must not use copyrighted sound)

My new partners in crime for my new task is Danny Wright and Tyrell Bibbiani.

Research & Planning (Blog): 20
Title Sequences: 60
Evaluation: 20

Deadline: 24th of March 2016

the first cut will be screened 2 weeks earlier so around 10th of March

22nd of Febuary is the shooting dealine all of our footage needs to be done 

Task 1
- You have to invent a new fiction film, it may be any genere 

- In your groups, brainstorm possible film ideas. When you have 3 come up with a logline(one line summary) for each

- Note: whatever idea you settle on, you will have to make the title sequence and it will have to be conventianal to the genre you've chosen. So unless you've got a space suit at home, a film set in space might nat be a great idea. In the past, action, horror, thriller/ suspense,

Pitch Perfect
Aims: to be able to indicate the conventions of a pictch
and a presentation for your film. 
1st pitch should be breif one short sentence should be perfect.

2nd people should already understand the building blocks of the pitch: buses, bombs, jaws, space, the seven deadly sins

The pitch combines the building blocks by using analogy, synthesis, juxtaposition example 

jaws in space

A bomb on a bus 

Snakes on a plane

1st pitch
2 what is the film really about


- what os the genre of the film?

- what other films in this genre have inspired your film/is your film similar to?

-Who is the targeted audience for your film?

-When will your film be released (summer,spring, autum, winter, awards season)

-How much money will your film cost

-how much money will your film make? demesticly and worldwide

-Who will star in your film?

-Who will direct your film?

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