Monday, 14 March 2016

20/01/2016 Reseach


Sorry havent been on for awhile had no sim so i couldnt recovery my account back from gmail.

For my title sequence, me and my group have decided to focus around the sub-genre of 'Dystopia'. For our title sequence, we want to focus on the idea of anarchy, chaos, the idea of the government and specific factions with some that want to take over (rebels) perserve (scavengers) create peace (evangilist) among their society.

I have decided to have a research and a look in to the dystopian sub-genre and find some ideas. First thing i notice was that the dystopian genre of movies are usually built around the idea of a futuristic world that has gone chaotic. The particular genre focuses on the theme of disaster and chaos. The title sequences usually do a quick intro to the back story of the film saving time for the film and bringing everyone up to date. A title sequence which i think represented a perfect example of a dystopian title sequence would be the film 'Children of Men'. The title sequence of the 'Children of Men' provides an essential backstory for the audience through news reports and newspaper articles. We see a futuristic set world that has an issue with infertility levels rising to the point almost no one can give birth to children. We get to see the P.O.V. of different social classes within the dystopian world, from rich to poor.

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