Monday, 11 April 2016

Evaluation Part: 7 " Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? "

For my title sequence i worked with Danny and Tyrell. Danny decided to take the job of Cinematography. Tyrell took the job Editing. Meanwhile i took the job of Soundtrack, Fonts, and Mise en Scene. Throughout the majority of the film we all worked together on cinematography and a bit of editing. Also on some fonts. It mostly started with out giving feedback to each other and deciding what we wanted to do.However, overall all the communication and feedback from ourselves and peers allowed us to improve the title sequence greatly so the the outcome was amazing from the initial planning.

Overall in the process of making this film i have learned quite a lot. I was able to learn new things and greatly expand my knowledge on media and film topics. This is mostly because it was my first time learning about this subject. Although, even though i didn't have editing as my job or cinematography i was till able to learn quite a lot. I leaned how to utilize Final Cut Pro to add real quality to my title sequence. I managed to learn lots of extra things that Final Cut Pro had to offer that would help me improve my film and make it better. This was things such as filters and fonts. Speaking about fonts Tyrell also introduced me to a website called 'Defont' which gave me access to multiply different unique fonts that would improve the quality of my work. This worked well since i found a font called Orion which looked futuristic and helped the mise en scene of our film through typography and using the font to portray the name of the film on the map i found.  I was also able to gain a lot of knowledge on researching different aspects of film. This was things such as Target audiences, which allowed us to specifically choose which audience we were going after.

I personally learned that thinking outside the box will help the most when in any situation as i focused on Soundtracks and mise en scene. I was able to find new soundtrack through a educational audio site called ''. This helped me get two potential sounds one called vampire kiss the other thunder doom which was eventually chosen. I also had lots of ideas for mise en scene when Danny made his plan for our film. An example our evangelist scene where Tyrell was holding a rosary or our new rebel scene with the guns, bandanna and the fake tattoo drawn on my arm. 

Another thing i learn was time management as we had to use our time wisely even if it meant coming early stay late it was done. I think it was thank to constructive time management and focus that we were able to get our title sequence done. Teamwork also was important because we had to depend on each other for us to get the job done especially on Tyrell since he was our best editor and had to spend alot of time working on editing. 

This proved to be important because as we started there was poor communication and and lack of team work as Danny wasn't around much due to personal circumstances and i was little help since i was new to editing and filming. This forced Tyrell to teach me alot of editing as i hovered him trying to learn from what he would do. There was also confusion with our initial idea for the title sequence. However, after we came together and fortified our schedules we were on the right track and were able to take full control of our work to create something we appropriated and put effort in. After the initial feedback I realized another important thing is to re shoot. this is because it is very important to re film scenes to get the best footage that you need and the more footage you have gives you more options and things to work with. Also after everything i realized that the first work will always look bad in the creators eyes as when we started i was upset with our films performances compared to other films but later realized that it could only get better with more dedication and hardworking. The feedback really helped for our final draft as it allowed s to get the audiences feedback and fix our film

Evaluation Part: 1 " In what ways does your media product use, develop or chalenge forms and conventions of real media products? "

Evaluation Part: 2 " How does your media product represent particular social groups? "

Evaluation Part: 3 " What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? "

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Evaluation Part: 4 " Who would be the audience for your media product? "+ 5 " How did you attract/address your audience ? "

For questions 4 + 5, we as a group decided to answer them together due to them being very similar.

Evaluation Part: 6 " What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product ? "

Title Sequence Evaluation

For our title sequence, I made sure that I worked and followed closely to our specification for our title sequence,  'Genesis: The Uprising'. I worked in a group of three consisting of Danny, Tyrell and I.  Initially, for our title sequence and movie, we decided as a group that we wanted to essentially make a movie that would a Dystopian/Sci-Fi movie (however Dystopian is a sub genere). The narrative of our movie consists of a dystopian future with different cults and groups forming who aspire to take down the government of this society, however, the government is in fact one step ahead and are planning to overthrow and eliminate these groups and, they are tracking their every move via CCTV and found footage being sent to them. Our title sequence sets up for the rest of our movie as the plot/narrative is briefly introduced through the beginning of the movie via our title sequence. Purposely, the title sequence creates and sets up enigmas for the audience to question, hopefully making the audience intrigued and wanting to actually stay on and watch the movie in cinemas to see what happens next.

In my opinion, I feel as though the title of our movie 'Genesis: The Uprising' that i came up with fits it well with the narrative of our movie which was as genesis means the beginning or creation of a narrative.This links to the idea of the filming just beginning giving the audience the thought that their could be sequels to the film. It also links with the idea of a dystopian future society beginning to forming and creating cults in order to overthrow the government.  Uprising is also something I found fitting for the narrative of our movie as this links well with the cults rising upwards together in order to overthrow the government and, come out on top successfully. The genre of our movie is action thriller scifi with the sub genre of dystopian.