Sunday, 10 April 2016

Scavengers and Rebels

Tyrell and Dannys Day out

On Thursday 18th February 2016, Tyrell, Danny and I decided to meet to shoot the scenes for our Rebels and Scavengers for our title sequence. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, I wasn't able to come and film with film with them and also due to my data/ simless phone *sobs*. So, Tyrell and Danny went on their own with some of our actors. They took the same  tri-pod and the two cameras with we used at the shard. We decided to use the location of Fanny on the Hill park in Welling for both of our scenes. I however found this place but not them. Luckily, we managed to get 3 actors to act the parts. In the park near the woods, they managed to build and create a mini-set of survival things such as: shelters made of twigs, an amateur clothing line and an stack of twigs for a fire. They then shot this and took multiple angles and camera shots to achieve the vision we wanted for this Scavengers scene overall.

For the Rebels scene, they went to a back road near the park in Welling. Down this road, after walking they saw a wall covered in graffiti, with the road looking quite desolate. They went supplied with 4 fake guns for our actors to use for the Rebels scene, along with scarfs and bandannas to create an atmosphere of mystery and, to make them look the part for this particular scene. They also experimented with different camera angles and different camera shots to help achieve the visions we had set originally.

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