Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rebels Scene Re-Shoot And its Amazing

Danny, Tyrell and I have managed to gather a couple of our sixth form friends in order to act for the re-shooting of our 'Rebels' scene for out title sequence. We reshot it because our classmates and teachers shared our opinion on the previous one that we shot, we decided to change the original concept and re-shoot the scene with a different cast and a different locations. However, we kept some of the visual mise en scene such as the graffiti.   Tyrell did the cinematographer since Danny was one of the rebels as was I. He used different camera angles and different camera techniques like focus pulls and close ups  of different characters. This scene consists of the 'Rebels' group going about their daily routine, with their guns and masks at the ready but, they are actually being recorded through CCTV footage that is planted by the Government that they were unaware of at the beginning. We have decided to alter something quite significant within our title sequence and that is that the Government have indeed put in secret CCTV footage in order to view and keep track of each different cults/groups. In terms of miss-en-scene, this will prove most effective because before, we used the original map that we altered  to establish each groups location. But now, we will be using CCTV footage that displays the names of the groups and, we will used props and symbols in order to represent the group/cults in order for the audience to have a clearer understanding of who is who. After watching it over it seemed very effective compared to our previous take and visual mise en scene such as the tattoos seem to also help out .

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