Sunday, 10 April 2016


' You have to film, film, film, look at it, re film, re film, re film, then film to finally get the right footage and this is just for the easy ones' words spoken by a wise woman. Miss Mcgrath in loving memories.

Danny, Tyrell and Ia have begun working on editing our title sequence for Media studies. Tyrell, Danny and I  have been staying after school to edit the shots we've recorded for our title sequence over the past week using the applications Final Cut Pro on the Apple iMac. We have done multiple draft versions of our title sequence, ensuring that we can edit and alter what we already have so that it fits what we  envisioned for the genre. We have had to re film a lot of things for example the Illuminati sequence since we couldn't find it.

We then also decided to film the evangelist scene in the same place as the Illuminati, ironic isn't it. We then did the oppose of the demonic scene by bring out bright lights and using special editing effects on Final Cut Pro to make the scene look more holy and divine. We also use a rosary as a mise en scene which had Jesus on its cross.

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