Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Government Leader security camera Shoot

Yesterday Tyrell, Damn Danny and I decided to go to our schools library and shoot an extra scene with the Government Leader who is being played by my friend Kazeem aka Showa. We didn't original plan it but since we thought that it would be a good addition to our title sequence and add some more time we thought we could do it. It also would make more sense to make the scenes look "CCTV" footage. Tyrell who was very familiar with Final cut pro, added a filter that made the scene look like CCTV footage. We also did this because the iMacs were lagging so it gave us something to do. We then "borrowed" a camera from a group and got a tripod and started our expedition. Tyrell had used Photoshop to make an "X" on all four photos of the scenes to show that the government leader disliked them. The scene we shot showing the government leader pointing furiously at the four groups with an over the shoulder shot suggested by Danny our cinematographer. After the success for filming Tyrell then added the film editing it to put it infront of each scene to make the title sequence more clearer whats going on without a dialogue.

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